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Terms & Conditions

The purpose of these conditions of sale is to sell products on line through an electronic trade service, as it is specified on site www.worldcartshop.com.
The username and password used to access the site shall be understood as strictly personal. When logging in, the user undertakes to preserve and protect them and not to disclose them to third parties as well as to deal with them in the same manner as his/her own personal information. The customer declares from now on that he/she is the sole person responsible for the data he/she may enter, thus relieving World Cart of any liability.

We kindly require you to read these Conditions of Sale carefully before any purchase. On making a purchase, you signify your agreement to be bound by these conditions.

  1. Our contract

    The display of World Cart products in the virtual shop window of the site represents an invitation to offer. If you wish to purchase one or more than one product displayed on the site, you can select them one by one and add them to your cart. After selecting all the items you wish to purchase, you can close your cart and forward the order. The page on the screen will sum up the products you have selected, their price and the delivery options (with the relative costs). You will be required to choose the solution you prefer for delivery, transport and payment method.

    Click on the "confirm your order" key at the bottom of the same page to forward the order.

    Your order will be considered as a contractual purchase proposal you address to World Cart for the products on the list, each one taken individually. The sales contract with World Cart S.r.l. will be made only as soon as we send you a separate e-mail for acceptance of your purchase proposal, which will sum up your order in addition to all the information about the product dispatch and the date for the expected delivery thereof ("E-mail for order acceptance and Shipment confirmation"). After making sure that the payment received from the PayPal system is correct, if necessary, the World Cart administration will send the invoice by means of another email on the basis of the data you have entered; if the customer should fail to receive this second e-mail, he/she may any way personally access his/her own control panel and directly print his/her own invoices, as it is specified by the corresponding site section.
    However, this is without prejudice to the right of withdrawal on the terms and conditions as per art. 2

  2. Returns

    According to World Cart's policy on returns, you are entitled to recede from the sales contract without having to specify the reason for withdrawal no later than 15 (fifteen) calendar days in case of movables (term reduced to 4 (four) calendar days in case of paper products) after the delivery date of products, unless the right of withdrawal is excluded from the applicable rules.
    However, the right of withdrawal is subject to the following conditions:
    - products shall the returned totally and not partially nor components thereof even in case of a kit;
    - returns shall be neither used nor damaged;
    - returns shall be returned in their original package;
    - returns shall be sent to World Cart in one single dispatch. World Cart reserves the right not to accept products belonging to the same order if dispatched at different times.

    If the right of withdrawal is exercised according to the above, you will be entitled to be refunded of the price paid for the purchase of the product that is returned. If you purchase as a "consumer" and decide to recede from the sales contract by the term above after the delivery of products, you will be refunded not only of the price paid for the product purchase, but also of the shipping expenses borne to receive the said product. If you fail to recede by the term above or you purchase as a "professional", you will be refunded of the product price only, but not of the shipping expenses you may have borne.

    To exercise the right of withdrawal, you shall inform us by email and, at the same time, return the product. Everything shall occur by the term above.
    If the right of withdrawal is excluded according to the rules applicable to remote contracts, you will not be allowed to exercise the rights according to this article.

  3. Pricing and availability

    All prices shall be understood as including VAT applicable according to the Law.

    The information on the availability of the products we sell is listed on the site and on the presentation page of each product. In addition to the information supplied on this page or elsewhere on the site, we are unable to give more precise information on the availability of products. We kindly require you to consider that the times estimated to dispatch and deliver products are merely indicative and it is not possible to rely upon them totally. After receiving your order, we will inform you per email whether some products ordered by you are not made available.

    If the price on the site should be lower than the fair sales prices of a product because of any kind of inconvenience, we will contact you to check whether you wish to purchase the product at the fair price all the same. Otherwise, your order can not be accepted. If the fair price of a product is lower than the one on the site, we will charge you with the lower fair price only and we will dispatch you the product all the same.

  4. Customs

    If the World Cart products should be delivered outside Italy, you might be subject to import duties and taxes, payable after the parcel has reached the destination. Any additional customs clearance cost will be charged to your account, just as all shipment expenses. We are unable to control such costs and we can not foresee the amount thereof. Customs policies considerably vary from country to country and you should therefore contact the local customs office for further information. Moreover, we kindly require you to keep in mind that - whenever you make an order on the site - you are considered as an importer and therefore obliged to comply with all the laws and rules in force in the country where you receive the goods.

    Your privacy is important to us and we would like our international customers to be aware that cross-border deliveries are subject to opening and inspection by customs authorities.

  5. Product guarantees and restrictions on liability

    The guarantee on the products (movables, in this case) sold by World Cart varies according to whether the purchaser is a "consumer" or a "professional" according to Directive 1999/44/EC, concerning "some aspects of the sales contracts and guarantees concerning consumer goods".
    If you purchase as a "consumer", you benefit from the legal compliance guarantee, by which the seller is bound according to the Law ("Legal Guarantee").
    The Legal Guarantee - by which World Cart is bound as a seller - guarantees that the movable is free of any non-conformity with the sales contract.

    According to the Law, if the Legal Guarantee is applicable, you will be entitled to have the non-compliant movable either repaired or replaced on a free basis or - if it is impossible - to a lower purchase price or to contract termination. World Cart is therefore liable for any non-conformity if the defects should become manifest no later than two years after the delivery of the asset. You shall anyway report the non-conformity no later than two months after its discovery.
    In case of paper products, the consumer shall notify any failure and/or defect no later than 4 (four) days as per art. 2.

    According to the Law, World Cart disclaims all responsibility if the delivered product should not comply with the laws of the country of destination other than Italy.

    Moreover, World Cart will not be liable for any non-substantial difference between the assets on purchase, the pictures thereof and the text descriptions published on the site.

    Except for fraud or serious offence, we are only responsible for any direct damage that can be foreseen at the time of making the sales contract. We will not be liable for any loss of earnings or for any other damage that is not a direct consequence of our non-fulfilment and that could not be foreseen at the time of making the sales contract. World Cart is in no way responsible for the fulfilment of any third-party obligation offering a commercial guarantee with reference to the products on sale on the site.

  6. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

    These General Sales Conditions are ruled and they must be interpreted according to the Italian law only.
    Any dispute concerning and/or deriving from these general sales conditions shall be settled by the Court of Milano only.

  7. Amendments to the conditions of sale

    We reserve the right to modify the site, the policies and these General Sales Conditions at any time to offer new products or services, i.e. to comply with laws or rules. You will be subject to the policies as well as to the General Sales Conditions in force at the time of your product order unless a change to these policies is required by the applicable law or by competent authorities (in this case, they will also apply to the orders you made before). If any provision of these conditions should be held to be null or void or not enforceable for any reason whatsoever, this condition will not compromise the validity and effectiveness of the other provisions.

  8. Waiver

    If you should fail to fulfil these General Sales Conditions and we should fail to exercise the right to start an action against you, this does not represent our renunciation to act because of the violation of the obligations you have assumed.

  9. Children

    We do not sell products for purchase by children.  We sell children's products for purchase by adults.  If you are under 18 you may only use worldcartshop.com with the involvement of a parent or guardian.

  10. Our contact details

    World Cart S.r.l.  via Gramsci n°32, 26043 Persico Dosimo (CR) Italy